Friday, May 22, 2009

Alex's Mission Address

Elder Alex Waltman
Russia Samara Mission
Vodnikov 95-1
Samara 443099

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alex at Christmas

Here are some pictures of Alex at Christmas time before he got transfered. His companion is Elder Stoker

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alex Transfered

Here is a little from his letter this week:
"I am in Orenburg by the way! You’ll have to find it on a map. It is about a 9 hour train ride east of Samara. I took a train to samara and then worked there that day and then took a train with another elder that got transferred there that night and got here at like 7 in the morning. It was crazy! There are only 4 missionaries in the whole city"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Alex's Letter December 15, 2008

Dear Family,
Well to start off and put your hearts at ease..... I had to chose my date last week! Sis Bennett called me and said I had to decide right there on the street! I was like nooooo! So I just decided that I want to stay to Sep. 30th and probably extend again to Oct. 12th. I figure I would like that better than going home early. The groups in front of mine are all really big like 10-15 in the three before me so a ton will be going home and I thought maybe ill be needed.
That’s way cool that you invited everyone over! That’s going to be a blast! You’ll have to tell me all about it. So I don’t really know what’s going on with Nastya. I think she might still get baptized, but I am not sure. But there is better news:
Our investigator Alexander that we found on Sunday that came to church is ready to be baptized! We taught him once and on the second lesson challenged him to baptism and he said yes of course! It was great and he is just on fire right now. He spent Friday night and almost all of Saturday reading all the church pamphlets we (and members also kind of loaded him up with some too) and the book of Mormon. He is just really humble and accepts everything. We really could baptize him tomorrow if we wanted to, that's how prepared he is! He is very eager to learn more and grow spiritually. I feel so blessed that we have found someone to get baptized before the New Year! It’s really such a great blessing from the Lord just to have someone like him to work with. He is a little taller than me which is pretty rare for Russians and he is bald and in great shape. He makes his own furniture and works with wood and junk and I love all the stuff that he makes. It reminds me of GCF!! Its way cool though and he is such a great guy. He made us some nasty tea the other day and I about died. Me and elder van wagenen just said it was too hot (which it was) and I couldn’t finish it all.
Sorry i don’t have a ton of time just wanted to let you know i care and that i am doing fine. I got a package from Judy and one from Mom, but i think you said another is coming is that right!? Well let me know. Tell everyone i love them!
Elder Waltman #9
These pictures were taken Thanksgiving weekend with Lucine's Family. Alex's Companion is Elder Van Wagenen and he is from Eagle, Idaho